Friday, December 7, 2012

Can I have what she's having?

Copy a quote or template to share between clients  

If you have seen "When harry met sally" you will get the reference, if not - here is a link to the video. 

Here is the concept on this update to the MDS system. how often  do customers buy the same type of stuff. when you do a quote for one type of customer can you reuse it for other's, or at least reuse parts of it?

MDS Offers many quick ways to create orders but two simple examples are the ability to create a template for easy ordering and take a quote and convert it.

Template and Quote Duplication

Offers the ability to copy a quote from 
customer to customer and re-price

Ability to copy a quote from 
      one shipping location to alternate shipping locations

This gives you the flexibility to copy any existing sales order or quote to a new customer and re-price it using the new customers special pricing rules. Instead of asking for the order , as for the re-orders - tell them what others have bought and increase those ever important cross-sell and up-sell opportunistic sales..

Increase sales and leverage your existing customer base.

The MDS System allows for many methods of capitalizing on your existing customers and leveraging them to increase sales to other customers this is just another simple and easy way for you to utilize your MDS system to it's fullest potential. 

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